Alligator Leather Boots

How It Works

Our boots are not what is thought of as “custom” boots. We do not have a boot last built with your measurements. We do use regular boot sizes (example 10 1/2 D, 11E, 12EEE). If you are looking for custom Alligator boots we will be happy to recommend some talented boot makers in your area.

Either full boots (vamps, counters, and uppers made with Alligator) or lowers only (vamps and counters made with alligator and the uppers made with leather) are available

​The boots that we make can be in either Matte Colors or Glazed Colors or in some combinations of those colors and finishes.

Sample Boots

Check out some of our ‘sample’ boots that we have for sale. Each pair is unique and available to take home today.

Finish Options

Matte Finish

The production of matte finish alligator and crocodile skins does not involve the high-pressure stroking characteristic of the glazing process. Instead, a luster is achieved through buffing and the application of waxes and other finishing agents. This method of finishing, along with techniques such as the addition of oils to the leather and tumbling the skins in drums, produces the soft and supple feel characteristic of matte finish skins. This finish has gained wide acceptance among both manufacturers and consumers of high quality alligator and crocodile leather goods

Subject to Dye Lot Variation

Glazed Finish

The glazing of alligator and crocodile skins is performed with a special glazing machine. A polished glass or agate cylinder is fast-stroked under high pressure over the surface of the leather after it has been dyed and sprayed with finishing agents. The mirror-like finish which results produces the classic shiny appearance of alligator leathergoods.

Subject to Dye Lot Variation

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